CMP SYSTEM 250/300  360/450 

    All the  slotting machine  of the "CMP"series can be supplied with incorporated numeric control. 
CNC can have different configurations and, according to necessity , three axes (longitudinal, transverse and rotary table) or two axes combined between them can be controlled. 
 The CNC controls the movement of the two orthogonal axes plus the table rotation and the tool stop. 
The above mentioned movements are assured by stepping motors which operate recirculating ball screws with preloaded double leadnuts. 
This combination gives the machine great positioning and repositioning precision . It makes the machines particularly versatile, offers great flexibility of use , solves the widest range of problems with easily reachable solutions,always leading to the best results. 

     CMP System 250/300 360/450
                                  Specifications chart
System 250/300
System 360/450