Slotting Machine CMP 360/450 

  The  slotting machines 360/450 of the "CMP"series are the machines characterized by bigger dimensions and more advanced technical features which are mass produced. 
 Built and certified according to "EU" directives, CMP 360/450   have the following characteristics: 

  •  Adjustable tool travel from 100 to 360 mm. 
  • Automatic tool stop 
  • Stepless speed variation from 12 to 40 strokes pot minute      through mechanical variator 
  • Self-braking motor 
  • Tilting head 45° on each side
  • Slide lubrication pump with timer
  • Impulse clutch for tool upward and approach directions 
  • Luminous display for strokes per minute 
  • Through hole ø130 mm. at the table center with lateral  exhaust 
  •  Low tension eletrical equipment 
  • Service lamp 
  • Electromechanical mechanism according to industrial injury ligislation effective from 01/01/1995 
  • Instructions for use. 
  CMP 360/450 can be provided with fixed table 580x1000 mm. 
  or with rotary table ø 600 mm. and dividing disk. 
      On request, the following accessories can be supplied: 
    longitudinal feed with continuous figures by 0/025 and eletric 
    limit stops, automatic cycle on longitudinal feed , cooling  unit. 
     CMP System  360/450

                  SPECIFICATIONS CHART

Tool travel  mm                           100-360/120 450 
Tool to column distance  mm                                  600
Ram adjustmen  mm                                  500
Worktable  mm                              580x1000
ø of dividing table  mm                                  600
Head to table distancE mm                             580-620 
 Longitudinal travel  mm                                400
TraNsverse travel  mm                                400
 Head inclinatiON                                       45°
Strokes per minute                                12                 60
Self-braking motor  H.P.                              4,5-6
Net weight  Kg.                               2800-3200
Overal dimension  mm                          1600x2100x1750
Sea-packing weight  Kg.                                 3500-4000
Sea-packing dimension  mm                           1700x2100x1750